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Ask a Technician: Do I Really Need to Get Frequent Oil Changes?

Q. How bad is it to not get the oil changed in my car regularly?

A. Clean oil makes for a happy car. Happy cars are less expensive to maintain and have a better resale value, making for a happy owner. Oil serves several purposes. It lubricates your engine, but it also cleans as it goes.

Lubricating your engine parts is oil’s number one job. Without oil, all of those metal parts would be scraping against each other. The result would be a hefty repair bill. Clean oil keeps your car running smoothly and limits the wear and tear your engine endures.

Oil is also a diligent little cleaner. That’s why your oil gets darker as it ages. It’s picking up all sorts of gunk from your engine. If you don’t change your oil, it will get more and more sludgy. Eventually, it can’t absorb anymore dust or combustion byproducts and those substances would be left to do some serious damage to your car.

Most cars should have their oil changed every 5,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual to see what your manufacturer recommends, or ask the Germain Toyota of Columbus service department. It’s a cheap upfront cost with great down the line benefits.

Check with our dealership about the cost of an average oil change. We promise that it’s worth scheduling consistent oil changes to save your engine from a premature grave at the junkyard.