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Ask a Technician: Which Repairs to My Car Should Not Be Delayed?

Q. What types of repairs really must be made immediately and which ones can I hold off on if I can’t afford repair work on my vehicle?

A. Safety first! Obviously, problems that affect the safety of your vehicle require immediate attention. Things like braking problems, inoperable headlights, steering or anything that makes driving a risky proposition should be dealt with ASAP by the experienced technicians at the Germain Toyota of Columbus service department. 

Sounds or vibrations that get progressively worse over a short period of time usually indicate something that deserves attention sooner rather than later. Whatever’s wrong is probably doing damage to your car. Waiting to fix things can be costly, too.

For instance, if you have an automatic transmission and it’s rough when it shifts, it may just be low on transmission fluid. You might have a small leak that can be repaired easily and inexpensively. Ignoring that for a long period might result in the need for a new transmission.

Any grinding noise generally indicates a loss of lubrication. If you repair that quickly, it might not be a big deal. If you ignore it, though, you might end up with expensive repairs. Hearing strange sounds when you apply your brakes may indicate a worn brake pad. Remember: replacing brake pads is a lot less expensive than replacing the pad and the rotors or discs.

Cars don’t get colds that go away on their own. If there’s something wrong with your engine, it’ll probably just get worse and that means more expensive. If one of your repairs just can't wait, we've got you covered. Schedule a Germain Toyota of Columbus service appointment online at the time that works for you.